Tour Details

Title  Nara The biggest bronze Budha Stature and Live Deers  Tr000009  Guide  Kawakami Tadashi  Ge000006
SubTitle When You are the first time in Nara then You must visit Tou-Dai-Ji Temle
Description There are a lot of Budha statures in this world but only one is here made by bronze.
TourType 初回訪問
TourPlan 09:00 Meet your hotel or your pointed place
10:30 To-dai-Ji Temple in Nara City (45km away )
12:30 Leave To-dai-Ji temple
13:00 Lunch
15:30 Arrive Kyoto
15:35 Visit Fushimi-Inari-Shrine
17:00 Return to you Hotel
Incluided My guide fee only
No Incluided Highway toll , Admission Fee , Parking Fee and others
Price US$400
LocalCost US$100
GuideRestriction Non Smoking
GuestRestriction You must be able to walk
TourTime 8